York Chinese Christian Church

The history and present position of YCCC

York Chinese Christian Church (Formerly known as York Chinese Church) was established in 2003 by a group of Chinese Christians living in the York area, who were originally from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It was led by Gabby and Lloyd Belcher with the support of St Michael le Belfrey Church whose premises were used for the weekly Sunday afternoon worship service. The services were bilingual with between ten and twenty Chinese Christians attending. They came from a number of backgrounds, including students, restaurant workers and housewives. In addition to the regular worship services, weekly mid-week bible study groups were also formed. The Lord blessed the ministry and within the first three to four years more than ten non-believers, from China and other Asian countries, who attended the Sunday worship service and bible study groups, heard the Gospel, accepted the Lord as their Saviour and were baptized. In 2010 Gabby and Lloyd retired from YCCC and emigrated from the UK.

At that time retired missionaries Pastor Michael Dunn and his wife Diana were invited to supervise YCCC. They have advised and guided the church until the present time. From the early days a leadership team consisting of brothers and sisters from the church has been responsible for the daily running of the church, welcoming attendees, leading the Sunday worship, bible study groups and fellowships. They are also responsible for the administrative and financial requirements of the church. Sunday worship takes place from 11am to 12.30pm followed by a time of fellowship when refreshments are served. The services are in basically in Mandarin, but may be translated into Mandarin from either English or Cantonese. The preachers come from Chinese and English-speaking congregations in the North of England and also Chinese missionaries in the UK.

Currently, between thirty to fifty people attend the Sunday services. In addition, there are regular weekly fellowship/bible study groups for students (one in the University of York and another in the University of St John.), for married ladies and for men. Two classes of Sunday School run concurrently with the Sunday Service. YCCC is a registered charity No.1183605 with a recognised constitution.

YCCC owns no building and has had to relocate the venue for the Sunday services a number of times. From St Michael le Belfrey it moved to St Helen’s Church in downtown York in 2007 until 2015 when it moved to the Spurriergate centre until 2017.Now Sunday worship takes place at Cornerstone on Millfield Lane, which is leased to us for the regular Sunday worship. Other YCCC events, such as Chinese New Year and Christmas celebrations are held at Cornerstone.

The majority of YCCC members are from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. They are from a variety of backgrounds, and include students, professionals, restaurant workers and homemakers. There is a wide age range among them with young children through to senior citizens. Each year there are attendees who receive Jesus as their Saviour and Lord and are baptised. We are pleased that some, challenged by the Holy Spirit have become workers with the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission.

Currently, YCCC is in urgent need of a voluntary Chinese-speaking Pastor. All, YCCC related, ministry expenses would be covered by the church. Other allowances could be given dependent on circumstances at that time. The biggest challenge the church faces is the high turnover of student members. Some are in York for only about fifteen months while they study for a Master’s degree, others are here for about three years for undergraduate and Doctoral qualifications. We believe it is our responsibility to help them grow in their knowledge of the Lord and be spiritually mature to overcome all the challenges they will face in lives after university.