Regular Meetings | 定期聚会

** CHURCH NOTICE| 教会通告 **

Student Fellowship | 大学团契 :

在学期期间,学生们在周四晚上有聚会。朋友们包括本科生和研究生。 如果您想进一步了解耶稣基督和圣经,我们邀请您加入我们.
The students meet on Thursday evenings during academic term time. The fellowship consists of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. We invite you to come and join us if you want to know more about Jesus Christ and the bible.

Venue | 地点 : Univ. of York @ Spring Lane Building (SLB), Harewood Way, YO10 5DS
Time | 时间 : Thursdays 7 – 9 p.m., during academic term time | 每周四晚上7时至9时, 大学期时间

Mum’s Group | 妈妈班 : (Online: 线上)

Mothers meet on Tuesday, for sharing and bible study.

Time | 时间 : Every other week Tuesdays | 每隔周二

English Homegroup : (Online)

We meet on Wednesday evenings for sharing, bible study and prayer.

Time : Wednesdays, 7.30 p.m.

Brothers Group : (Online)

Once a month on Friday.