Sunday Service | 主日崇拜

教会主日崇拜时间是上午11时在 119 Millfield Ln, York YO10 3AP. 我们每周日也有主日学(儿童少年)聚会.
Our Sunday service starts at 11 a.m. at 119 Millfield Ln, York YO10 3AP. We also have Sunday School.


**Sunday services and fellowship groups will be carried out through various online methods until further notice. We are currently conducting our Sunday services through Skype.

Sunday Sermons Schedule | 周日讲道

6/6犹大书 Jude 3-16
What must I fight for?
David Stephens
13/6约翰福音 John 4:1-42
20/6耶利米书 Jeremiah 2:9-13
Jeremiah’s message, The faithless nation
Michael Dunn
**Communion Service on first Sunday of the month